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Better Postcard Design:

Check out the card above (you can click on any of the images on this page to see a larger version) to see a good way to design 'post office friendly' 4 x 6 postcards. It is important to leave enough space on the bottom for a barcoded address, which gets you a postal discount when having your mail prepared by a lettershop, but they don't care what's on top. While we are all used to postcards with the text on the left and the address on the right - in these modern techno times it's better to do it as below... Hey it's just one more thing to get used to in the 21'st century. I'm already used to having my album collection on the computer and in fact I quite like it... no scratches is just one advantage!

We Mail Magazines!


We recently mailed out the alumni magazine for the Berkeley Carroll Street School, Park Slope's best private school. They were quite pleased that we were able to get them all out in one day. We could do that because of all the new machinery that we've installed in our production facility over the last year. We are also sending out magazine sized catalogs for atour bus company and a catalog for an interesting company called 'China Sprout,' who sell all things Chinese...

OTHERWISE we invite you to keep on reading. We have prepared an informative website (if it's too much reading for you, check out the video at the bottom of this page) about direct mail in general, and SELECT MAIL in particular!


I'm glad you landed here! We are Brooklyn’s leading mailing house and we are happy to meet you. I am George Fiala and I founded the company in the 1980's and still run it every day because I love what I do. We begin 2010 in great shape, having continued our growth via the many new clients who have met us via the internet, and moving our offices and facilities to a larger space to accomodate this growth.

2008 saw the addition of greater printing capacities to our repertoire, which combined with the latest inkjet addressing and inserting machinery enables us to offer same-day services in an emergency. This past year we have added a number of art galleries, real estate agencies, museums, schools and civic organizations to our client roster. While business in general is recovering from our recent presidential administration, we continue to grow from our Brooklyn roots by servicing clients throughout the United States and Europe.

For the direct mail expert:
If you are experienced with direct marketing campaigns and are looking for a new vendor, I invite you to browse the website, get an idea of our services, and call or email for more information. I can tell you now that the reason we have so many loyal and satisfied clients is that Select Mail has proved to be a great resource for businesses and institutions over the past 20 years. Our job is to get you the best bang for your mailing buck by making sure all your mail gets delivered at the lowest postal rates possible. We also offer competitive printing prices.

I am the owner and manager and I coordinate the writing, designing, printing and mailing of promotional and marketing campaigns. My clients email me their ideas, photos and mailing lists and I help transform their ideas into finished products. We become an integral part of the marketing team. My years of experience in the communication field is a great resource for ideas and strategies for my clients. I urge you to read some of their comments by clicking on the "Testimonials" page of this website. You will also find phone numbers in case you wish to check references.

For the mailing beginner:
If you are considering direct mail for the first time or you've been doing it yourself and are becoming overwhelmed, we are very generous with our over 20 years experience in public relations/direct marketing. Feel free to conduct an email conversation in which I will answer any questions - whether or not you ever use our services. But if we end up working together on a project, I will make sure and advise you on the best way to achieve your objectives while fitting within your budget.

A Visit to our Offices


Here we present a slightly lengthy tour of the facilities. There are other videos to see if you click on the YouTube gizmos at the bottom - in case your browser shows only an empty box - You can find our videos at YouTube


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